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Jessica Girija Jewell
Yoga Teacher, Astrologer, Spiritual Coach & Studio Manager

Jessica started practicing yoga in 1999 in Albuquerque, NM after herniating a disc in her lumbar spine. As a recovering compulsive eater and cannabis addict, she had been dedicated to growing spiritually since 1988. She became devoted to yoga study and practice after learning that yoga is a spiritual practice and is especially grateful to Kim Schwartz and Eric Klein for their support in learning how to practice yoga on and off the mat. 

Jessica earned a 200-hour yoga teaching certificate in 2013 and started teaching in 2014. Her classes are slow-moving, emphasizing long duration, low intensity asanas that allow the body/mind to release tension. Each class includes asana, pranayama, and meditation.

In addition to yoga, Jessica has studied Jyotish, the science of light (a.k.a. astrology) for nearly 20 years. She offers astrological consultations through the lens of Vedic counseling for those who long to understand the patterns of their lives; create greater harmony in their relationship with themselves and others; and align with their life purpose. 

Jessica especially helps women who find themselves struggling with compulsive behaviors/addictions, challenging relationships, and big emotions who long to live sanely and peacefully by cultivating a healthy body, peaceful mind, and loving heart one day at a time.

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