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Wesak Festival Mantra Chanting Ceremony

  • 30 US dollars
  • Yoga Together Lincoln

Service Description

We will be chanting mantras of all the major religions of the world, throughout the entire evening. You may come and go during the evening, and chant along with us as long as you wish. Towards the end of the evening, we will take a sacred bowl of water (that we will be energizing with mantras throughout the ceremony), and bring it into the moonlight on the back deck. We'll continue chanting in the moonlight, and then as we finish our ceremony, the energized water will be distributed to everyone present. You can use the water as a healing remedy, and either consume it, or create your own healing tinctures or energy sprays with your energized Wesak water. A Little Background For the last decade or so, I have followed a similar ceremonial tradition for this evening that Thomas Ashley-Farrand would lead every year, and I was able to attend the final Wesak ceremony that he hosted, before his passing in 2010. I'll share an excerpt from his book Healing Mantras, in which he describes this ceremony in greater detail: We gather to celebrate the santification by the Christ and the Buddha together of all the spiritual work done on the planet Earth during the past year. This includes work performed by all the religious organizations, supplicants, mendicants, seekers, priests, rabbis, monks, masters, mullahs, swamis, students, teachers, disciples, and others working for the redemption of the human soul and the elevation of humanity. We chant mantras from five of the world's great religions. We also chant the Mani for 2-12 hours. Since 1975, it has become our tradition to accommodate everyone's different schedule while chanting continuously for several hours. During our first celebration, I had a profound experience. After chanting for about 10 hours, I was wiped out. I could not keep awake any longer. But there were still two hours to go in the 12-hr program, and I wanted to fulfill my self-determined obligation. One of the women offered to complete the final two hours and encouraged me to go to bed. I did so with little resistance. I lay down for a few moments, and suddenly a huge "hole" opened up in my mind's eye. In place of the blackness just before sleep,an opening similar to the iris of a camera appeared and a shaft of light cme through it into me. It was unlike any light I have ever seen. It was light of every color: there were greens and oranges, blues and yellows, and other vivid colors. It was dazzling in a sense that is impossible to describe. After a m

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  • 3905 South 48th Street, Lincoln, NE, USA


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