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Jason Adams
Meditation and Sanskrit Mantra Expert

Jason Adams has been practicing meditation and yoga since 2001 (a low back injury prompted him to try yoga and pilates to strengthen my body and heal my back … it worked and I got hooked on the meditation side of the yogic equation). I became a certified teacher in 2005 and have maintained a daily meditation practice.


In 2008-2009, over a roughly 18-month period, I seemed to be subconsciously guided to spend an average of 6-8 hours a day in meditation. I was experiencing a major transition - an awakening - and started feeling light and pressure inside my head, my brain. I felt compelled to keep meditating, like I had to keep doing it. 


While I was in meditation during this time, I felt more like myself. I felt more connected, a sense of homeostasis. Interacting with others became really difficult. I often felt irritated near others, and I started feeling more emotions that I’m sure had been repressed from years earlier. 


There were many emotional highs (the experience of bliss that many meditators describe) and lows as well. But all of a sudden something amazing happened. I started feeling like I was meditating ALL THE TIME.


The inner happiness … peace … love … that I often experienced while meditating, well I permanently flipped the switch ON. 

And this is what I enjoy showing others now, who begin on the meditation path. How to turn on that inner peace, that enduring & pervading happiness. 


Over the last number of years, I’ve fine-tuned an ability to teach others how to meditate. Since this “awakening” that I experienced in 2009, I can now feel other people’s energy and chakras. It’s very helpful in allowing me to understand how other people are feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically which can then dictate the kind of meditation I teach.


Jason is passionate about sharing the benefits of meditation and loves encouraging others to develop their own mantra meditation practice. With his extensive background in music performance (Master’s degree), he naturally gravitated towards Nada yoga, the yoga of sounds, and chanting mantras.


Yoga began his yoga training with the teachings of Paramahamsa Yogananda, and within a few years was beginning a teacher training at Sri Shambhavananda’s ashram in the Colorado Rockies in 2005. There he learned a number of classical meditation practices, including pujas (water rituals) and yajnas (fire ceremonies).


A daily meditation practice began, leading to Adam's study of Namadeva Acharya’s mantra teachings. After a number of years of intense mantra practice, he has gained a deep understanding of Sanskrit sound vibration, and is considered one of the West’s foremost experts of Sanskrit mantra practice.


In early 2015, Adams completed a three-year Maha Mritunjaya discipline - chanting the Mrityunjaya mantra 125,000 times with water oblations over the head, oblations for ancestors, and fire ceremonies (yajnas). Following completion of the practice, he began compilingSanskrit mantras for Mantrapoly, now the largest collection of Sanskrit mantras in the world. 


In addition to his enthusiasm for mantras and meditation, Jason enjoys studying the various Vedic sciences: yoga (including meditation), ayurveda, vastu shastra, and Vedic astrology. Jason guides individuals towards leading meaningful lives by incorporating these ancient practices. He is currently working on creating a pivotal text on the Art of Vedic Living, a guidebook to strengthen body, mind, and spirit. 


Jason loves sharing his his knowledge and understanding with his clients and followers and is grateful to be impacting so many lives in a positive and transformative way.

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